It’s Printemps des Poètes in Luxembourg this weekend – Spring of Poets. CLEW is proud to have a poet of our own, and equally proud to present his poetry, that you… as expats, on the move… might recognise yourselves in. 

After all the boxes
have been unpacked
and most of the
Where do I, How can I
have been answered,
it’s just about time
to pack up and move

The structure looks
pretty much the same –
garage, garden, windows,
and a front door.

Inside, even the furniture
looks familiar.

the house where I now live
will never be my home.

They say that
home is where the heart is.
I know that to be true as
my family packs up to move again.

Unlike a tree that’s been uprooted,
relocated, and planted again –
We fill the vacated hole with memories.

Poems written by Dan Franch, Printemps des Poètes 2014