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Random thoughts by yours truly (though some may not be so original)

DAF: My initials

Aphorism: A Short, Original Saying Espousing A Bit Of Wisdom

Portmanteu: A New Word Created By Putting Together Parts Of Two Other Words

Daforisms: Short Insightful Thoughts Created By The Author Of These Quips

(Though Some May Have Been Said By Others As Well


You can’t be brave without being afraid

Integrity has a price

Say what you mean; mean what you say

You can’t be brave until you feel afraid

Fear is not intimidation

You’ll never be a great speaker until you stand for something

Often, the line between being brave and being stupid is simply staying alive to tell about it


Opportunities are dreams in disguise

While you are busily pursuing your dream, help someone else attain theirs

It’s got to be your dream

A door almost closed is still open

Is your list of dreams getting shorter because of check marks or cross outs?

Sometimes a dream can be so simple that you forget that you are living it

Think beyond the realm of possibility


The subject is never bigger than the student

There’s more to school than school

We are all teachers and students in the game of life

Learn by teaching; teach by learning

so many things can’t be taught; just learned

Learning is life

Growth, not grades

The kids are great because the adults leading them are great



Life’s too short to short yourself of the way you want it to be

Invest in the time required to succeed

Be a leader, not a bleater

Failure is success’s oldest ancestor

To succeed in education, one needs to be able to read and write. To succeed in life, one needs to be able to speak and interact



While doing nothing, do something

I didn’t do it Because I am L–A–Z–Y… Busy 

Sometimes you spend the entire day doing nothing; it feels like such a great accomplishment


There is an “I” in We

Question… yourself

Being independent is not being an individual


Go with what you’ve got

Maximize the moment

Carpe Diem each moment of your life

Keep on keepin’ on

Between the bookends, you get to choose the books


The harshest irony: Sometimes you laugh so hard you cry

The only thing worse than being alone is being with people who make you wish you were alone

Not being who you are might actually be who you really are

No matter how fast or far you run, you can never run away from yourself

The best way to extract weeds is to give them space to grow

Even the truth is often a made-up story


Life is a juggling act that requires ball

The less we explore, the better the chance for our opinions to be correct

The only thing fair about life is that it is unfair for everyone

Life is not a spectator sport

Life won’t come to you; you have to go to it

Things happen; the way we react helps determine their impact

Things happen the way they’re supposed to happen, and that’s the way they should happen

The line of life is an inverted sentence

The wheel of life wobbles weirdly, but it keeps wobbling along


Where do we go when we die? Where do we come from before we were born?

Death is only painful for the living

We don’t only live once, we only die once

All life leads to death


The loneliest distance between two points is a straight line

When confronted by a crowd, the shortest distance between two points is around it

When you finally get to where you are going, stop and look around; maybe it is someplace you have already been

Between there and here we are

Wherever you are, there you’re at

Most shortcuts are longcuts in disguise

Cut your losses and move on

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll still get somewhere

Even if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll get there

You have to have been around the block to want to go around the block again

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Where are you… right now?

There’s nothing quite like the promise of a train whistle


So many want; so few want to

listen with your eyes, see with your ears

You can change the car, but you can’t change the driver

Everyone should have sex, not everyone should have children

Life is too serious to be taken too seriously

It’s the messenger, not the message

Worry about what is, not what isn’t

Live in what is, not in what if

While you are hoping, life is happening

You feel good, you look good. You look good, you feel good

A year can’t change a day, but a day can change a year

Conversations are interactions. Social media exchanges are reactions

With comfort comes creativity

I can’t stop my hair from receding, but I do have a say in the way my body sags


Kids grow up; parents grow old

Being a parent is living proof that memories last a lifetime


Keep your head on straight; tomorrow’s coming no matter what happens today

All those years of wondaering what lies ahead in my future can now be found in my past

The future of my past looks nothing like the present

Reflect on the past while remaining in the present

The present becomes the past tomorrow. Be present today. Your future depends on it

Reflect on the past. Act in the present. Change your future.

Who needs a cane when I have my past to prop me up?


People are full of interesting worlds

We are all nobodies in a world full of people trying to be somebodies

We’re all amateurs at everything at the start



Reflect and let go… like a mirror

Life’s too short to short yourself of the way you want it to be

You can’t go back in time, but you can go back in memories

We are too often looking out, too rarely looking in

Cry, not just today but whenever the memories lift you

Sometimes you have to step out of your own shoes to see who has been standing in them for so long


I wish everyday could be the day before you are leaving

My wife can do anything, and when she’s not doing anything, she’s doing everything


The insanity of humanity

The only time I feel sane is when I’m sleeping


I am, therefore I think

If you have no ideas, how do you ever expect to come up with a good one?

Do you see what you see or what you want to believe?

Thoughts unspoken remain unheard


Time takes time

Time is timeless

History is a daily event


I was young and had a future; now I’m old and only have a past

Youth is a luxury; ageing is the luxury tax

For every yin, there is a boomer yang 

Youth has a reason for the way they act; they are young and still learning. As adults, what is our excuse?

Leave youth to the young