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I started writing in 6th grade. That was back in about 1976. The catalyst was Mrs. Geist (my grade six teacher). One assignment was to make a hand-made pop-up book. Mine was about a forgotten jacket in a locker. The experience must have made an impression on me. I am still writing today, nearly 50 years later.

In college, I met John Jacob. He was my English professor. A published writer, he expanded my writing skills. I took a poetry writing class with him and then an independent study creative writing class with him. John was an encouraging supporter and guide. Many years later, to show him my appreciation, I sent him this poem, which I had printed on leather because he was always wearing a leather jacket or leather wrist band. Influenced by the 60s, John shook up my world at a time when my world needed some shaking up. We still write to one another from time to time (snail-mail letters), and he still bangs out his missives on a typewriter.

My third inspiration was/is Michael Newell. Michael and I first met in 2003. We were both teaching in Estonia at the time. Now retired, he taught English in thirteen different countries during his professional career. Michael, who has published a few poetry books and whose poems can be found on numerous websites, is an amicable curmudgeon who has mastered the art of self-deprecation. He and I exchange emails once or twice a month and also share/comment on one another’s poems. Michael’s poems – many of which I save in a “Newell” folder on my computer – often spark me to write something new.

There you have it… Mrs. Geist. John Jacob. Michael Newell:
Three mentors. Three muses. Three matchsticks that set my mind on fire –